Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design

(originally posted at PSST!)

Today’s post is not work, but about work. A talk by Frank Chimero at a conference called Build in Ireland. Lots of good thoughts here that apply to design in general, I think one of the best bits is this:

“In our efforts to try to perform better we’ve sort of established patterns that are sort of wasted opportunities. I see these buttons all over the place.

Graphic: You should follow me on twitter.

And it’s not necessarily about following someone on twitter. It’s this exact phrasing. Right? So, at the beginning this started out as someone measuring which phrasing worked the best. And that’s great. But what happened is everybody copied it. And now that this is everywhere – it doesn’t mean anything to me. So the more homogenized this messaging becomes the less valuable and the less successful it works. It breaks – the more people use it. And it’s a wasted opportunity because the more homogenized it gets – it becomes not real and not meaningful and not sincere and I think not delightful. It’s a wasted opportunity to be a real person.”

Frank Chimero.

And definitely read this. Design Can’t Rise Above Its Content


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