From Taking On the System

(originally posted on PSST!)

“We are the first generation that has direct, individual access to the world and to the emerging technologies. We are the first generation that can bypass the old-world gatekeepers to communicate to the masses–that is, with each other. And we won’t let anyone filter or alter or censor those communications.
We have the technology and collaborative spirit to find each other, pool our talents and press for real systemic change. No longer content with being spectators, we are becoming players. No longer content to merely receive messages, we are now sending them as well. No longer content to be media consumers, we are now creating.
As we become conscious of our own collaborative power, we are taking charge of our culture and our politics, not because someone gave us permission, but because we–like I did that lonely day I started Daily Kos–have roused ourselves from a restless sleep and realized that no permission is necessary. There are no legitimate guardians of the gate and no one barring us because we don’t have the right pedigrees or right connections.”

– Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Taking On the System

Taking about politics, talking about content creation. It’s all the same to me: DIY, Grow Your Own, PSST! Pass it on…


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